The Perks of Having a DEWALT DWS782 12-inch Slide Compound Miter Saw

DEWALT DWS782 12-inch Slide Compound Miter Saw Review
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This type of miter saw has been much preferred by most wood workers because of its impressive qualities and functions. You surely would not go wrong with this product because of the best features that is only unique to this product. One can surely benefit a lot from this great miter saw.


Aside from its quality, it is also very costly. This makes the perfect purchase for any woodworker as they are looking forward for best quality cuts. It has an impressive dust bag collection as well and it has a very strong motor.


It may have other extra features but it failed to provide a laser guide that would have made cutting a much easier task.

It is true that having your very own miter saw could be a very worthwhile investment. In fact, once you get to have your own miter saw allows you to be able to perform various jobs and activities that you would normally think only the experienced and the professionals are able to do.
Whether you are into woodworking or just love to make a hobby out of it, it would be very much fitting and proper that one would be able to find a high quality miter saw that would be able to do such functions. And for those who are wondering how a DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw would fare, it would be best that one has to read its review here in order to know a full and detailed understanding as to its features, pros and cons.
What you need to know about this miter saw, you will be able to know here. And once you have done so, you would be able to shop for this product with the much needed confidence as you would know that this is definitely the right one for you.
If you are wondering whether this miter saw would live up to your expectation, then you have to know everything about this product before you have to make a buying decision. This in-depth review will allow you to give the complete factors for you to be well equipped of this product.
It is very much true that miter saws are the fundamental tool for every wood worker. Without it, one would not be able to finally to the job required. To have an impressive miter saw should be the solution for this problem.

Advantage of Using This Product

It is every wood worker’s necessity to have a miter saw. This having said, what is only a few hundred bucks as compared to experiencing the best miter saw that would allow you to make perfect cuts with much precision and repetitive accuracy?
Indeed, DEWALT was able to make a very impressive miter saw product out of DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw. While it is true that DEWALT has a lot of miter saws manufactured, this DWS782 has its unique advantages to wit.

  • Motor
    This miter saw comes with a very potent 15 amp motor power that would allow to make its blade spin for up to 3800 RPM or revolutions per minute. Thus, this only means that you would be able to cut through all different kinds of wood as if you are using a very hot knife on a smooth butter.
    Aside from that, you would also be able to have the much needed convenience to be able to make the power cord of the motor being routed the rail back of the machine. In this way, it does not have to interfere while the miter saw does its job.
  • Impressive Dust Collection System
    A lot of users of miter saws have been complaining about the fact that its dust collection is not impressive or does not hold enough for their miter saw. In fact, it is also a common problem that there is a conflict as to how much dust a certain miter saw is capable of gathering.
    The DW782 has one of the best and the most efficient dust collection system as it reduces the total amount of dust that is being generated for up to 75%. This would make an easier way to work with this kind of miter saw.
  • Best cutting capacity
    You would be able to know that a certain miter saw has a quality function primarily based on its cutting capacity. In this case, the DWS782 makes the best cutting capacity ever as it has the power to cut on different sizes and types of wood.
    Having noted this, the following are its high performance capacities:
    • It makes 6 ¾ vertical capacity
    • It makes 7 ½ nested crown
    • It makes 13 7/8 capacity for inch horizontal
    • It can cut to 2 x 12 at 45 degrees
    • It can cut 2x 16 at 90 degrees for back fence design
    • It has a dual bevel

    Its system is equipped with a dual bevel that makes easy angle adjustments and allows one to go from 0 degrees to 49 degrees. It even has positive stops at 49 degrees, 45 degrees, 33.9 degrees and 22.5 degrees in both directions.

  • It has miter detent plate
  • The blade is only one of the factors that would allow one to buy a good miter saw. In this case, this miter saw can make miters for up to 50 degrees to the left and also 60 degrees to the right.

  • It is compact
  • As compared to other saws, this miter saw has a compact dimension at 33 x 23.7 x 18.8 inches. This should snugly fit in any trailer or at the back of your truck.

DEWALT DWS782’s Features

The following are known to be considered as the main features of this miter saw. Know that without them, one would not be able to successfully realize the following advantages mentioned without these best features that are known to have in this great miter saw. The best thing about DEWALT is that it was able to successfully make possible the creation of a revolutionary way of cutting woods and other boards with much accuracy and the best precision ever.
As you go on further, you would find that Bosch is keen on patenting the best feature of this miter saw which makes this product to be highly recommended and worth buying as compared to other miter saws.

  • Powerful Motor
    The DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw has a very durable motor at 15 amps which has more than enough power to make years and years of cutting.
  • It has best cutting capacity
  • As mentioned, it can cut through all types of wood with the best accuracy and quality.

  • It has a very lightweight frame.
  • There is much portability that one would be able to enjoy in this miter saw due to its compact design and feature.

  • It comes with a good warranty
  • Not all miter saws are able to provide a great 3 years warranty which makes this miter saw a very wise buying decision.

You would be more than satisfied with this product as not only are you given the opportunity to enjoy the best miter saw available, you are still able to enjoy the functions of this product without ever having to sacrifice quality and price.

Who Needs This Product

The DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw been already of great and useful help to construction workers, wood designers, wood crafters, craftsmen and the like. In fact, even the typical homeowner would find this product to be useful too. Given the features and the designs of this product, you are sure to make the conclusion that this is a highly versatile miter saw with top notch quality features.

Customer Reviews

A lot of users find this product to be very useful indeed. The DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw would definitely be the best solution for every woodworker whether he does it for a living or for just a hubby.
Any contractor would find this product to be highly functional and in fact, one would not be able to make the desired quality wood working job that one makes without a good miter saw. It is also great for contractors, cabinet makers, framers, installers and also trim carpenters.
All of them would definitely realize the best quality of this miter saw and there is no denying that one would indeed make the best quality cuts ever.

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The DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw has really made it again as we all know that DEWALT is the bastion for power tools industry. One has been very much effective in choosing this miter saw as it would be able to make perfect cuts with the best precision quality ever. It is even reasonably priced which makes this kind of miter saw to be the most preferred miter saw ever.
You surely don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your work for a meager miter saw made from other manufacturers.

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