How to Clean & Maintain Your Miter Saw?

As every one is aware, this is a valuable tool for all the craft and wood works. However, several owners don’t really know how to clean and maintain their miter saw so that they could give them the impressive cutting results when at the same time offer them the much-needed durability. I could definitely say that the cleaning and maintenance of your miter saw should not be a hard task for anyone who loves their tool.

Follow the simple guide given below for cleaning and maintaining your miter saw:

Removing the Dust Particles from the Saw:

I would say that getting rid of debris and dust particles should be your first step when you start cleaning any industrial tool. For removing the dust particles and debris from your miter saw, you need compressed air with which you could blow out the dust from the surfaces of the saw. While doing so, you must be careful with the moving parts of the saw and ensure that no debris is left over on any of them.

When you are done with the removal of dust particles with the help of compressed air, don’t think you are done. You must make sure that the miter saw is completely clean by using clean, dry cloth with which you must clean up the saw.

Turn to the Saw’s Cutting Table and Fences:

Once you are done with the removal of dust particles and debris from the miter saw, you must turn your attention towards the saw’s cutting table, as well as the fences, as a next step. I would say that it’s not sufficient to clean these parts of the saw only with the compressed air and a cloth. Get a dry white scotch bright pad from the hardware shops and clean these metal surfaces in a circular motion. Wherever you find some caked particles, you need to apply more force to wipe them off.

Cleaning the Blades is Vital:

I would say that cleaning of the saw’s blades is most important because the functionality of the saw is largely dependent on the functionality of the blades. When you are about to clean the blades, you must be really very careful as the blades will be sharper and hence, you must not make use of your bare hands for removing the dust particles from the teeth of the blades.

Instead, I would suggest using a brush for dusting off the dust particles and debris from the teeth of the blades. After this, you must make use of some cutting oil on the surface of the blades. While applying the cutting oil, you must utilize circular motion.

Check On the Exterior Parts As Well:

Once you are done with the cleaning of the blades, you must turn towards the exterior moving parts as they also need your attention. For cleaning the exterior moving parts of your miter saw, you must make use of right lubricating oil. In order to determine which lubricating oil to be used for your miter saw, check out the user manual that comes along with your tool while buying. Lubrication process would increase the functionality of exterior moving parts as it would reduce the friction.

Sharpening the Blades of the Miter Saw:

An important step in the maintenance part is to sharpen the blades of the miter saw if they are becoming blunt. For this, you must make use of the appropriate sharpening tools and follow the right steps in the process. If you are not aware of the sharpening method, hire a professional to do that.


Check for Damages in the Saw Components:

As most of the saw owners might be aware, the miter saw is prone to wearing and tearing irrespective of the cost of the product or usage. Hence, it is essential for you to check the saw regularly for damages. I would recommend you to check the saw’s components for damages every one or two weeks and when you do so, you must check for:

  • Chipping
  • Cracks
  • Breakages
  • Wears
  • Crumbling
  • Cuts

Also, during this inspection, you must not leave out the components like kerf board, power cord, and brushes. And, if you find any part with any kind of damage, sort it out when they are still small. If needed, replace the older parts with new ones in order to prevent any serious damage.

Stick Onto the Factory Instructions:

Nowadays, several buyers don’t care much about the factory instructions, guidelines, and precautions. But, this is not right! One must read and completely understand what the manufacturer says about the product. From these sources, you would easily come to know about the tips on caring the saw blades. Overall, it’s really very important to stick onto the factory instructions in order to make the most out of the product.

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