How to Cut a Tee-Halving Joint

Having a tee-halving joint is important when you want to make a good structure for your furniture or project. In order to have tee-halving joint, you will need a sliding miter saw. When you have a sliding miter saw, you can finish making the tee-halving joint very easily and comfortably. You will need to follow certain steps in order to complete the task.

Materials That You Will Need

To make a tee-halving joint, you will need to have certain materials. The materials are:

  1. Pencil
  2. Scale
  3. Sharp marking knife
  4. A pre-set marking engaged
  5. Sliding miter saw
  6. Soft-wood slider or sanding machine
  7. Wooden hammer
  8. Router bit

Step-By-Step Tutorial How to cut a Tee-Halving Joint

When you have the above materials, you can easily start making the joint of your wooden structures. In this case, just follow the bellow steps first.


First of all, you will need to put one wooden structure up to another in order to make the cutting area. In this case, you should have a scale and pencil in order to mark the areas. You can also use a sharp marking knife that will work better to mark the areas very efficiently.


This is in important to mark the both of the sides of the wooden bars in order to get good result.


You will need to use a preset marking engage in order to make the level of cutting using the miter saw. In this case, you can set it the engager first and mark in both of the wood bars.


Now you will need to prepare the sliding miter saw in order to cut the half-cut method in order to make the joint. This is important to have the fence in the miter saw properly in order to get full result.


In this step, you should change the settings of the miter saw and prepare this. First of all, you will need to place one of the wood bars in the miter saw area and down the cutting area.
In this case, you will need to pull the sliding till the cutting area, then, use the miter saw area limitation using its settings. The black screw type thing will be used in order to fix the miter saw area changing.


Now, use a small but long wooden bar in order to use this as a fence. The bar will help you to cut throughout your wood bar in order to make the structure. Make sure that the fence item is lower than the actual cutting area.


Just pull down the miter saw and cut on the marked are properly. This is important to cut several items after the main cut in order to remove the middle woods perfectly.


Now, you will need to do the same with another wood bar that you are going to use for the tee-halving joint.


Now you can use a small hammer or hand in order to remove the extra woods from the cutting area. This is important to cut very thin so that you can easily remove the area.


Now you can use either a small sanding tool or a smoother bar in order to make the surface very smooth. This will help you to remove the very small pieces of the wood in a short time.


Now take two pieces and push them to join. You can do the step very easily using a wooden hammer because this will not hamper the wood bars. This is important because this will help you to make the joint very tight and great.


You can use the hand blade in order to make the joint comfortable and smooth. Moreover, you will need to use super glue in order to make it tight.


Now you will need to set your router bit in order to join the hinge on the tee-halving structure. Set the router bit accordingly because this will make the task easy to complete the task.
The video for those who don’t want to read:


Your tee-halving joint will be completed as soon as you finished the step-by-step process. The process will always be a good idea to complete the task efficiently. In this case, the fence and marking is very much important. Therefore, you should take care of the thing and set the miter saw accordingly. Don’t forget to ask any question if you are still facing trouble to make the tee-halving joint using wood bars.

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