How to Troubleshoot a Compound Miter Saw?

As you already know, a compound miter saw can be employed for producing various types of cut like bevel cuts, crosscuts, and even freehand cuts with each of them requiring appropriately set up blades in accordance with the fences. While using your compound miter saw, you may face issues with regards to the following:

  • Calibrationtroubleshoot miter saw
  • Motor
  • Blade
  • Mechanism

Follow the troubleshooting guide that is given below in order to sort out the issues you face with your compound miter saw:

Solving the Issues with Turning On and Off:

If you are facing any issues with the saw blades, you must first inspect, then clean or substitute the existing electrical brushes with the new ones. These can be done whenever you find the brake being not able to stop the blades in seconds after shutting down your saw, and also when the motor is not starting. In order to do this, you must first unplug your saw and let the motor get cooled down. If needed, take out the brush from beneath the cap and substitute it with a new one if the carbon on it is of less than ¼ inch thickness.

Adjusting the Blade’s Depth:

If you find the blades striking the work table, you must first adjust the depth stop. For this again, you must first shut down the running compound miter saw and take off the work piece from it. Now, drop down the cutting head such that the teeth of the saw blade are stretched by around ¼ inches beneath the throat plate. Then, unwind the wing nuts and recalibrate the blade’s depth to the required measurement. When this has been done, try running the blade again with the saw still switched off, and ensure that the blades don’t hit anything.

Troubleshooting the Issues with Cutting Head:

If the cutting head of your compound miter saw doesn’t rise after you made a cut, then, you must alter the cutting head assembly axis. For this, you must first unwind the lock nut that is given on the head and then, tighten the hex bolt for putting more thrust over the spring. Now, tighten the lock nut again when you have got the correct motion.

What to be done if the Compound Miter Saw Doesn’t Start?

If your compound miter saw is not starting, then you must first check whether your saw is plugged in. If not, plug in your saw and try starting. Another reason for this could be the breakdown of fuse or tripping in the circuit breaker. For solving this, you must have to replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.

If your compound miter saw is not starting even after trying these, then the power cord could have damaged. In order to sort out this issue, you must have the power cord replaced by an authorized professional. One another issue which may prevent the miter saw to start off is because the brushes might have worn out. To solve this, you must have the brushes replaced by an authorized professional.

What can be done when Saw Makes Unsatisfactory Cuts?

If you find that your compound miter saw is continuously unsatisfactory cuts, then it’s time for the troubleshooting. The reason for unsatisfactory cuts can be the dull blades. Check your blades for the sharpness. If you find that the blades can’t be sharpened anymore with the cutting oil, then, go for a replacement.

If there is no problem with the sharpness of the blades, then check whether they are mounted properly. There are chances that they are mounted backward. If this is the case, then you must remove the blades and mount them correctly. If the blades are not cutting properly, there are chances that there is gum or pitch on the blades. For solving this issue, you must remove the blade from the saw and clean it using turpentine soaked in coarse steel wool.

Another reason for getting unsatisfactory cuts from your compound miter saw might be the use the incorrect blade for the work being done by you. For sorting this out, check and change the blade type.

Troubleshooting the Issues with Saw Speed:

If the blade of your compound miter saw is not coming up to the speed that is needed, then the extension cord must be too light or too long. For solving this, substitute the extension cord of correct size. Another reason for the speeding issue might be the low house current. For solving this, you must contact your electric company.

What to be done if the Machine Vibrates Excessively?

If your machine vibrates excessively, then, the saw might not have mounted securely to the stand or work bench. In order to resolve this, tighten all the mounting hardware. Another reason could be that the stand or bench is placed on an uneven floor. For resolving this, reposition the work bench on a flat level surface. One another reason could be the damaged saw blade for which you should again replace your blade.

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