The Secrets to How to Properly Use a Jig Saw in a Safe Manner

.A jigsaw or jig saw is a special kind of saw that kind of looks like a sewing machine that's able to do curved cuts straightforwardly or at an angle. It's the power tool you depend on when cutting shapes cleanly on work pieces. This is why jigsaw puzzle pieces are named after the jigsaw—those curved shapes are the kind of shapes a jig saw is capable of cutting. At any rate, here are the secrets to how to use a jig saw. Firstly, you need to have the right blade on hand. From there, you should pay attention to the recommendations outlined below in regards to how to do bevel cuts on various materials, particularly wooden boards or particle boards

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    The Jigsaw Itself :You can go with most any brand as long as it's dependable and gives you more cutting value out of your money.
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    Budget : It costs you between $20 to $100 depending on the cost of the material you're cutting and the price of the jigsaw itself (including accessories).
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    Jigsaw Blades :Speaking of accessories, you need a regular supply of jigsaw blades handy so that you won't end up with a dull blade that ruins the work piece you're cutting. 
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    Pencil or Marker : It's used to mark the wood for cutting. You can create or trace the pattern with it. 
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    Masking or Painter's Tape :The tape is there so that you can put it over the surface of a work piece you don't want to mark  and draw the pattern on the tape.


1. Choose the Right Blade:

2. Understand What Jigsaws Are Best Used For:

3. Preliminary Tips to Woodcutting:

4. Things to Watch Out for and Doing a Plunge Cut:

5. When to Use Plunge Cuts and How to Deal with Fragile Material:

How to Use a Jigsaw: The Easiest Tutorial For Newbies!


A jigsaw is usually brought out when cutting an intricate pattern or sawing a countertop for a kitchen sink using a plunge cut. Its versatility is unquestionable. Even novices can operate it once they're briefed on how to use it. It normally takes an instant to learn how to use the jigsaw because it's not a complex thing to do. They don't require extensive training; just tips outlined on a guide like this. With that said, you should pay attention to the blade attached to your power tool to ensure you're getting the job done. Follow the tips and tricks above in order to know how to cut metal, ceramic tile plastic laminate, and wood properly.

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