A Miter Saw Review on DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-Inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw

DEWALT DW716 12-Inch Double-Bevel Compound Miter Saw Review
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Review Summary:

This compound type miter saw is the most recommended miter saw when it comes to finding out the right quality and accuracy for your miter saw. It has all the features that you are looking for in the best miter saw – accuracy, durability and quality of miter cuts.


This product has an impressive warranty for any factory defects. It also comes with a service contract so you would not have to worry about it getting defective again.


Everything about this mister saw is flawless except for the fact that its throat plate is made of cheaper quality as it is plastic.

The manufacturer DEWALT has been savvy enough keeping in mind that the end goal why they intend to make this incredible power device, the DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw. One ought to realize that the company does not make low quality miter saws with fair or low performance in terms of their tools. In this way, this ought to without a doubt be of the best quality.
DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-Inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw
With regards to its features, one ought to likewise be rest guaranteed that this item has only the best qualities and perks. At the same time, one should also be well aware of the fact that DEWALT is broadly known for providing only the best miter saws and that its quality on such items has never been compromised ever since. This would only make this product a very reliable product that would speak and boast nothing but quality, safety and security – as such are the main features of this miter saw from the great Dewalt.
It is truly noteworthy that the company is still ready to maintain its notoriety by keeping in mind that the best miter saws are only made available and realized with the features of this miter saw. To be sure, it has proceeded with its age old tradition of maintaining top design and advancement on the most noteworthy and the most marvelous power saw devices that have been deliberately intended to ensure precision, exactness, and quality cuts.

In its yet most moderate endeavors to stay aware of the reputation that is highly regarded of them, DEWALT has provided the best power miter saw ever. This miter saw has been intended to give the much needed accuracy and precision given the topnotch qualities and features that are found in this saw.

Taking into consideration that it has the best features, one would be rest guaranteed of how this miter saw functions as it has the right capacity to make miter cuts that are smooth and more exact. Actually, one would also be able to enjoy cut power and capacity that promises precision especially when it comes to making miter cuts of best quality.
Whatever task or work you may have, this miter saw is referred to and being commonly used as it can do well on just about all wood types including softwood, hardwood, aluminum fiberboards, plywood, plain wood and considerably more! You would certainly not experience difficulty at all in cases in which you are about to make the best furniture made of wood. And with all the miter cuts and the bevel cuts that are required in such a wood furniture, surely anyone would find this product to be highly useful and very effective.
To introduce this saw, it has an exceptional miter that can be exceedingly adapt to whatever type of wood so as it would have the capacity to promptly cut to any edges or cuts that it will be making. It can even make a more complex cut that is profoundly important for carpenters. Likewise, its slant edge has been greatly acknowledged as one of the best features which makes this miter saw so easy to utilize. Undoubtedly, in terms of making flawless cuts on a more reliable premise, this item ought to be the privilege miter saw decision for you.

Advantage of Using This Product

The following are the great advantages of the DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-inch Double Bevel compound miter saw. Know that each of the advantages have been made possible because of the great features that are found only in this product.
DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw Feature
These advantages have been considered to make your work quite simpler and less complicated. Given these benefits, one would then be able to find how important it is to have this kind of miter saw.

  • Cutting edge stops
    Since you are dealing with cutting hard wood, the a good solid engine must be a main requirement to make great cutting capacity. It can be a problem if you prefer a low quality miter saw in which its sharpened steel would be having trouble to get into those precarious cuts.
    A little slight movement or oversight of the hand then one might be able to not achieve the right cut precision. Thus, this product has the right cutting edge stops in order to make possible in order for one to avoid undesirable movement or development that may cause injury on the part of the user. The saw basically has 11 stops for miter cutting and 7 diverse slope cuts.
  • Security
    Regardless of the fact that you’re an individual in the business for quite a while, mishaps are still unavoidable. Since you are managing overwhelming items and a sharp cutting sharpened steel turning at 3,600 rpm, security is a fundamental need for miter saws. You have a sharpened steel watch that is in sync with the arm of the saw. When you put the razor sharp edge down, it should still ensure that safety is guaranteed to the user.
  • 15-amp engine
    This saw packs a great deal of quality being fueled by a 15-amp engine. You can fundamentally slice through any kind of wood with exactness and smooth completions.
  • 12 inch edge
    One should always consider it a primary concern that the bigger the sharpened steel, the higher the cutting limit is. The 12 inch sharpened steel permits you to cut a most extreme stature of 6 and a half inch with a security wall of 5 and one-fourth inch in altitude.
  • Versatility
    It has razor sharp edges which has substantial metal segments and an engine are all confined on a miter saw such as this one – thus making it generally overwhelming. The DW716 is exceptionally composed as to amplify compactness with a normal weight of 49 pounds. It is not the lightest miter saw out there yet it is still under a sensible weight that would make possible the comfort of mobility.

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Its Features

You may be out for cutting various miters or crown forming; the DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw gives fast, precise slices to finish the occupation.
Because of its impressive 15 Amp engine, a simple miter handle with cam lock handle makes this item highly safe and has highly conformed to the quality of the miter cuts that it requires. Furthermore, with the helpful miter and incline stops and a tall wall for oversized ornamental moldings, this helpful miter saw tool is prepared for a scope of cross cutting featured cuts and cutting works for miters. Moreover, it accompanies a solid carbide sharpened steel, a razor sharp edge wrench, and the ever reliable dust pack.

  • Savvy, great Design for speedy, perfect Cuts
    The DEWALT twofold slope saw’s 12 inch length of sharpened steel is supported by an effective and tried and true 15 amp engine. Offering a very impressive rate of 3,600 revolutions per minute, it further makes snappy miter cuts which can be encircling or trim, and in addition other crosscutting jobs and miter cutting projects.
    This tough saw is intended to make exact cuts, considering the flexible setups needed for cutting wood applications. Its exact miter framework’s movable miter detent plat with a stainless feature offers positive stops totaling 11 for simple setup and enhanced proficiency.
  • A simple to-change miter handle with a cam lock feature
    This feature conveys speedy and precise miter points, and it also provides helpful features that would consider a detent override. This permits you to conform the usual setting of the miter without worrying about the saw sliding off into the detents. Furthermore the saw’s enormous miter capacity–0 to 50 degrees to the left and the right which adds great adaptability.
  • It has a sturdy and open fence
    This upholds 6 and 5/8 inches of crown trim settled vertically, and also 6 and ½ inch base that is set perpendicularly next to a fence. The wall slides off the beaten path. This makes possible high quality slant cuts with high precision.
    This miter saw has been additionally intended to convey fast, exact slant cuts. You may also without much of a stretch or hassle set up for incline cuts that measure somewhere around 0 to 48 scale of degrees to the left and also to the right portion. This helpful setup gives expanded ability to difficult tasks and permits you to turn over the said saw rather than the material itself. Additionally, with solidified steel angle stops at the following degrees: 0 degrees, 33.9 degrees, 45 degrees and 48 degrees on both sides, it makes discovering and the set up of the most widely recognized slant points a brisk, simple procedure.
  • It is highly versatile
    Perfect for a scope of uses, the saw has the ability to convey clean slopes of 45 degree slices through dimensional wood that measures up 2×8. Also at 90-degrees, it can also make cross cut for 2×10.
  • It is portable
    It is very much compact and compatible with its special feature laser or LED Framework. This handy miter saw weighs for only about 44 lbs. and provides an implicit handle. In this way, you would be able to move it around efficiently and be able to lift it should there be the need to keep it in stow away.
  • It has a warranty
    The 12 inch twofold slant compound type miter saw additionally accompanies a DEWALT guarantee bundle that incorporates a three year limited guarantee with a one year free administration contract. Finally, it includes a 90 day cash back certificate. What more could you ask for?!

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Who Needs This Product

This accommodating device known as the DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw is best when making DIY home improvements at home. In the event that you love to adorn your home with the best wood furniture, this ought to be your ideal tool in such a project. Additionally, this is very essential for men at work particularly the individuals who are craftsmen, carpenters, and even carvers or wood specialists.

Customer Reviews

For a compound type of miter saw, DEWALT has done it again with the DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-inch Double bevel compound miter saw as it ensures the best cuts with the best precision. It allows you repetitive cuts which you would surely need if you are into constructions. You can also rely on the power of its motor but you don’t have to worry about its durability and quality.
More and more customers find this product highly function and ever dependable. The only drawback that they have for this product is that it can be quite costly. But for a top performance such as this, it is definitely worth it.

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Indeed, one would be rest assured of the product DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw that it ensures high quality cuts with top notch precision. Anyone would not regret buying this product given its impressive features and qualities.

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