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Miter Saw Reviews: Your Comprehensive Guide to Knowing More on Miter Saws

If you are the typical construction worker or a metal worker, then surely you would know what a miter saw is all about. And if you are already an expert on the whole thing, people would definitely look up to you for your honest miter saw reviews.
But really, it would also help to impart knowledge on those people who need to learn more about miter saws. After all, even though you don’t have to use it that often, it would greatly be of great assistance to you should that time comes when you would really need it the most.
Basically, a miter saw is a type of saw that is particularly being used to make miters and crosscuts in a particular work piece. Furthermore, it also creates these items with fine accuracy so that one would be able to perfect building homes or any other forms of furnitures and equipment.
However, given the innovation that we have right now, most reviews on miter saws that are available online do not only depend as to the conventional nature of these items. Right now, aside from a manual mitre saw, there is now the power miter saw which are considered to be helpful power tools in order to also make the same type of accuracy and precision when making crosscuts and miters.

Best Miter Saw Comparison Chart

As reiterated, innovation has rightly been so supportive with the gradual development of miter saws that we already have in the market a number of great and effective miter saws for use and for our consumption.
This would be very much helpful in order to understand how one miter saw would significantly vary from the other. Furthermore, this provides you a smart buying decision as to what particular kind of miter saw that you will be availing.

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Common Product Reviews

DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw

DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw ReviewsThis product has always been one of the most common tools that are being availed by professional carpenters. Indeed, Dewalt was able to successfully come up with a smart saw that is very much easy to use, highly adjustable, and has the most affordable cost ever.

However, the new version of this product may be quite disappointing to most current users as its saw is not compatible to any DEWALT products with a LED feature. But regardless, you would be amazed as to the quality of the saw and that it will not fail you in terms of cutting miters from most wood works.

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Hitachi C10FCE2 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi C10FCE2 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw ReviewsWhen it comes to assembling the parts of this product, usually it would only take you 5-10 minutes considering the parts would include a rear stabilizer bar, standard pine, and the flip over fence. One should know that it has an easy and fresh start mechanism.
You won’t be feeling any vibration at all especially if you let the blade of the miter saw to start spinning. It horizontal anti vibe handle is very much pleasing and convenient and you’d have to be very impressed on its miter cuts.
The best thing about the whole product is that it has a 5 year warranty. But with a price so right and its performance so outstanding, you would not regret buying this product.

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DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw ReviewsBased from most miter saw reviews, DEWALT is considered to be the leading brand when it comes to finding the best quality of miter saw. Now, this product to be exact is also from Dewalt and has great features which is proof of the reputation of Dewalt.
When lining up the cut, this saw does have nice features to it. It even has a LED light that will make the cutting on the wood a much easier activity.
It may produce a lot of sawdust but you can be rest assured that its vacuum attachment will really do its job.

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Makita LS1040 10-Inch Compound Miter saw

Makita LS1040 10-Inch Compound Miter saw ReviewsMakita also has its fair share of great miter saw products. This item for example has the best quality in terms of its machinery. You would be much impressed of the dust collection features of this saw as it is way better that other dust collection systems present in other miter saws.
Indeed, this saw is an excellent product in terms of its accuracy and portability. The price is also very much affordable which strikes that perfect balance between quality and price. It is a much reliable saw for all your wood working and cutting needs and intended for pros and newbies alike.

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Bosch GCM12SD 120-Volt 12-Inch DB Glide Miter Saw

Bosch GCM12SD 120-Volt 12-Inch DB Glide Miter Saw ReviewsOne should know that the Bosch has been considered to be a most reliable and outstanding machine that also has a great competitive price. If you would be cutting off some difficult hardwood boards that you think will be adamant for your small saw, then this product should definitely do its job.
Aside from its best quality, it is also easy to assemble. It even has its own mobile stand so that it can save you some space and work area. Its secured locking feature provides you the much security hat you need. This is definitely your most reliable miter saw.

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The Best Miter Saw Types

Based on the most common reviews that are available for the best miter saws as posted and shown in most related online sites, there are three common types of power miter saws.

Standard Saw

This is the most common type of miter saw. It has a vertical fixed pivot and a cutting table that has a rotating feature. The reason why it is being established as so is that it will be able to allow cutting of miters in a horizontal angle.
Although its blade may still remain to be vertical, the thing about standard saws is that it will still be able to make a perfect horizontally angled cut. Such is its forte.

Compound Miter Saw

The compound miter saw is another type of miter saw. It also has a vertical pivot that similarly has a rotating function as well. Such a pivot would allow the cutter blade and the cutter head to be tilted or even beveled in a sideway position.
In addition, it also has the same function as that of the standard saw in which it is also able to cut perfect horizontal angles. Thus, the compound miter saw has actually a two way function which cuts both horizontal and vertical miters.
This type of saw is highly recommended in crown molding. But if you are really keen to this type of saw, you would know that these are more of a single action in nature. This means that they would only tilt on either side of the vertical and not on both sides. One should also know that it may only require the said work piece to be able to be flipped only between cuts.
It would be best if one would be able to choose those compound miter arms that are dual action in nature. This would mean that they would be able to tilt in both ways thus enabling to make identical cuts.

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Now, this is a more compound type of saw. It has sliding arms that are horizontal in nature. This is also found in the cutter head which will then allow cuts to be made on boards that are way wider than the usual. This type of sliding saw may also be in single action or in dual action which was already been previously explained.

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Advantages of Top Rated Miter Saws as based from Miter Saw Reviews

This is to already bear in mind that given the significant development of power woodwork throughout the years, we have already come up with the best miter saws that are not only very effective but also very convenient as well.
From amateurs to professionals, the use of these miters saws has already been considered to be very much useful especially on those DIY projects. From the cutting of frames to making doors, cabinets, and windows, who’s to say that these power tools are not essential to these jobs?
You can only think of a number of advantages as to why this is very much useful. In fact, most miter saw reviews have already come up with the following advantages as to why miter saws are the most essential tool anyone could ever have.

  • It provides cleanness of the cut

If you attempt on trying to cut just any random board without the use of a miter saw, surely you would not be able to perfect a sheen cut the way you would have been able to make when using a miter saw.
Surely, using a miter saw, you would be rest assured that the said cut would be clean and free from any forms of ugly divisions that would signify poor wood cutting. This would also apply to other types of platform that can be cut by a miter saw.

  • It has the capability to make cuts that are repetitive

Without this tool, yes, might actually be able to make a clean cut but surely that would take time and intense effort. And most definitely, you would surely not be able to make it in a successive pattern.
But with the use of a miter saw, there will be the smart utilization of time because it allows repetitive cuts. This means that you can make a lot of accurate cuts in a successive pattern without ever jeopardizing the quality of the cut being made.

  • Miter saws are low hazard in nature

While it is true that they are considered to be power tools, you can rest be assured that these miter saws do have a low hazard feature. The reason why this is so can primarily emanate as to how it is being used and how it functions. Such feature ensures safety and security for the user as well.
This special work piece is actually being held stationery which can be put up against a post or a fence. This is being so while the head of the saw is actually moving. Now, possible dangerous kickbacks may then be considered to be highly unlikely and it would also be difficult that your hands would end up in the blade.
Moreover, there is a safety feature about the saw head as well. The saw head of a miter saw is actually being drawn back while it is also being lowered. In addition, through the said material, it is also being fed forward. This will make binding very much impossible to occur.

  • They are portable and easier to set up

As mentioned, they can be power tools and usually power tools would always have to be heavy and difficult to carry around. We are all aware of the fact that there is a lot of innovation happening in the evolution of miter saws. And one of which is the portability that it offers.
You can move it around without ever having to worry about the accuracy of cut that it promises. It is also easy to set up so you can make your craftsmanship DIY jobs anywhere anytime.

What is the best miter saw and How to Choose It?

Best miter saw reviews

What to choose?

Whether you are a homeowner or you are the typical craftsman who enjoy making DIY projects, then chances are you might have to need a good miter saw. But not just any other miter saw. You need to check for the many miter saw reviews that are being shown online so that you will be able to identify and detect what are the best miter saws that you will be choosing from in the market.
A miter saw in indeed very much important especially when you would be cutting angles. Thus, you need to find the best kind which will do exactly what it should suppose to do. When finding the best miter saw, you have to be keen on the following parts of the miter saw:

  • Blades

There are different types of blade for different types of platform – whether it would be steel, wood, or aluminum. If the said blades do have more teeth, then expect that the finishing effect will provide a finer cut.

  • Mitre

In layman’s term, it is also defined as angled cuts. It would be best if you choose saws that will be able to mitre on both sides, both the left and right, as it would be much quicker and easier to use.

  • Slide

This type of feature will allow you to be able to cut different pieces of wood with much width. When choosing the best slide, you have to be very keen on the specifications and the capacities of the cut.
Take note that if you are planning to cut posts from fences, then you have to find a much bigger blade and that the cut capacity of which must be of bigger width.

  • Bevel

When it comes to finding a good bevel in a miter saw, you have to check as to whether you prefer a single bevel or a double bevel. If you are making a furniture or a crown moulding, you need to be more particular with the beveling action that your miter saw provides.

  • Other Features as prescribed from miter saw reviews

As technology develops, most miter saws come with lights or laser lines which would show a red line on the wood that you will be cutting. This replaces the tedious work most craft workers and wood workers do when they trace a pencil line across the board in order to ensure a straight cut.

  • Accessories

Most miter saw reviews will remind you that you have to choose for the highest quality of the blade in terms of its diameter. Moreover, you need to check the right size of the bore – and that is particularly the whole in the middle of the miter saw blade.
There are also some great leg stands that would come with the product. Some may even be foldable while some may come with long extensions. Depending on the worksite that you are in, you need to check these accessories as they do come in handy.

  • Dust

This is more on the maintenance part of the miter saw. As useful as these items are, it is still equally important that one should be keen on ensuring the proper maintenance management and the best extraction of dust that you should be needing in order to maintain the good condition of your miter saw.

Who Would Need this Product? ( as stated from most Miter Saw Reviews)

One look of this power saw and you might think that it is only for the experts and the professionals. But you are wrong. This product is intended for the builders and the lumberjacks, the craftsmen and the sculptor. In fact, even a homeowner would find this very useful.
best miter saw
If you are a homeowner, you can find miter saws to be very useful if you would be working on a DIY project in your home. You can make a crafty wood design in your bedroom or any other similar projects. And if you are a lumberjack, requiring a miter saw would definitely be obvious. Since you need to cut on big pieces of wood, this power tool would definitely come in handy.
Now, for the builders, carpenters, and the craftsmen, their main concern would be precision and accuracy as they will be making a work of art from any platform most especially on wood. The miter saw will definitely deliver to such purpose.


Having mentioned the list of the best and the highly recommended miter saw products which have been detailed in some miter saw reviews, one may already be certain on the fact that you will be more confident the next time you will be buying your miter saw. Take note, it would be best to check both the quality and the affordability of the product.

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