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How Wide Cuts You Can Make With 10-Inch Miter Saw? A Practical Handbook Of A Standard 10-Inch Miter Saw

Portable and conveniently functional, a miter saw gives a professional touch to any of your carpentry job. Whether you are a DIY or expert carpenter, a miter saw is a must-have tool that can make accurate angle cuts in all types of woodworks and many of your masonry or metal jobs. Just because miter saws are available in different shapes and sizes, choosing one that can provide exacting results in a powerful yet simple way is always crucial.

Understanding the word “size”

When it comes to a miter saw, the size originally indicates the diameter of the blade mounted on the saw. The size of the blade usually ranges from 7.25″ to 12″. How wide of a board a blade can cut typically depends on the size of the blade. The larger the size of the blade the wider portion of a board it should cut. In the market that sells miter saws, a debate over the supremacy and suitability of 10-inch and 12-inch saws is ongoing. So, common woodworkers as well as professionals often ask which one to buy: a 10-inch or a 12-inch miter saw?

What size board a 10-inch miter saw can cut?

A miter saw that uses a 10-inch blade can deliver right-angle cuts off a board that is 5.5″ wide, which should be sufficient for a piece of two-by-six lumber. The 10-inch saw can also cut a piece of two-by-four lumber at a 45° angle. A 10-inch saw can cut lumber or plywood up to 1.25-inch thick without causing disturbance to users.

Your guide to make the cut

A standard miter saw is typically a circular saw installed firmly on a hinged frame, so users can make precise vertical cuts repetitively either on angle or straight in lumber or small boards. With a standard 10-inch miter saw, the repetitive mode of action should be the key so that you can save time during your woodworking project.
You have to put the saw up in a specific location wherein you want to work. If you need considerably longer material cutting, it is recommended that you choose to work on a floor. However, an improvised work table or work bench can help you operate the saw quite comfortably.

Now, you should release the saw and place the stock on your saw bench so the blade can travel. If you are just a beginner, you can raise and lower your saw a few times before you turn it on. This way, you will be able to get familiar with how the blade will take its path when sawing through the stock. By doing so, you can avert accidents during the tedious hours of woodworking.

You can make perpendicular cuts through boards at angles which range from 45 degrees counterclockwise to 45 degrees clockwise. Do not worry about the alignment of the blade as the locking device and an angle scale will keep it as it should be.

Make sure you have clamps in place so that you can cut short pieces of stock safely. Try to cut near the end of a piece of lumber. This action makes it possible for the already cut pieces to be thrown. You should cut different angles on scrap material. Then, you can fit them nicely, so you can determine how the angles fit. Cutting at various angles will help you figure out basic shapes.

If you want to join a couple of stock pieces at a certain angle, the angle on the stock’s end should be half the joint’s angle. For instance, if you want to make a 90° corner, you must cut the ends of a couple of stock pieces at opposite 45° angles.

Making sufficient cuts using scrap material is a good practice that may help you avert unnecessary mistakes. If you are not working with a wide piece of stock, you may see the blade starts cutting the piece on its front edge. So, make sure you make measurement marks on the front edge of the piece. Alternatively, you can use an angle square to make marks on the piece.

Warnings to follow

  • Consider using eye and hearing protection tools.
  • Keep the workspace clear and electric cords in working condition.
  • Keep your hands away from parts that are on the move.
  • Avoid breathing in sawdust and try to disallow the accumulation of dust.

Should you use a 10-inch saw for your woodworking project?

Well, that depends on the requirements of your carpentry project, and of course, your own craftsmanship. If you are a Do-It-Yourself carpenter or just an average woodworker, a 10-inch miter saw will work well enough. Before you finalize your decision, go through the following benefits the saw can yield.

  • Both local and large hardware stores have large selections of 10-inch blades.
  • As physics suggests a 12-inch blade is likely to deflect and wobble more easily than a 10-inch blade. For little or no wobbles or deflection, a 10-inch blade is, in most cases, a good choice.
  • It is possible to achieve a high cut quality with a 10-inch blade that comes at a cheaper price than a 12-inch saw.
  • The cost of sharpening the teeth of the blade is another distinct matter. If you find that the teeth of your saw blade need frequent sharpening, a 10-inch is the more suitable of the two.
  • Being lighter than its larger counterpart, a 10-inch saw takes up little space.
  • The majority of these saws run on 110 power supply, indicating that you can easily plug it in wherever you need.
  • These saws are ideal for small cabinet shop or individual consumers.

When a 12-inch miter saw is more suitable?

As with any working tool or equipment, one thing is common that an average woodworker’s favorite saw may not be the desired tool for a professional carpenter. While a 10-inch miter saw is oftentimes a common carpenter’s favorite working tool, a 12-inch saw may prove to be more effective when it comes to wider and thick cuts. When an individual needs to use a miter saw for tasks or residential projects similar to industrial workshops, these saws are more convenient than their 10-inch counterparts.

Some instances showing when to use a 12-inch miter saw

  • If you want to force certain material over the 12-inch blade, it will not bog down like a 10-inch.
  • When you wish to rip into a piece of laminated lumber up to 2 inches of thickness, these saws will not disappoint you.
  • 12-inch saws are effective if a consumer wants a miter saw that is stable with an increased size and weight.
  • This saw can cut large sheets of plywood without requiring woodworkers to undergo much labor.
  • With added stability and increased number of teeth, 12-inch saws can cut more smoothly.
  • These saws are preferable when you expect both dependability and longevity.

What to expect from a 12-inch version?

If you need to have a cut of at least 6 inches, this version should do the job as you can expect to have a maximum cut of 7.5 inches which can be wide enough for a two-by-eight lumber. Larger and arguably more powerful, this saw can achieve a maximum thickness of 3.5 inches which can be good enough to cut through a four-by-four piece of lumber.
Once you feel comfortable with working, keeping the above discussion in mind; you can succeed in working with a 10-inch miter saw for your woodworking projects.

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Knowing More about HITACHI C10FCE2 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

HITACHI has been smart enough in order to provide this great power tool, the HITACHI C10FCE2 10-inch compound miter saw. One should already know that the company does not settle for mediocre or low quality when it comes to their products such as miter saw. Thus, this should definitely be of the best quality.
When it comes to its features, one should also be rest assured that this product has nothing but the most impressive of features. But then again, one should not be surprised given the fact that Hitachi is widely known and considered to be the market leader when it comes to the development and the manufacture of quality and reliable power tools.
It is quite impressive that the company is still able to uphold its reputation and was still able to keep up with the current demands set for power tools. Indeed, it has continued its age old tradition of upholding top engineering and innovation on the most impressive and the most awesome power tools that have been carefully designed to guarantee accuracy, precision, and quality cuts.
In its but most conservative efforts to keep up with the competition, HITACHI was able to come up with yet another work of art power tool. This is the HITACHI C10FCE2 10-inch compound miter saw. This power tool has been designed to answer to the demands of the market as to finding power saw that would be able to promise precision cuts.

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With the best features and the qualities inherent in this item, one would be rest assured of the fact that you would be able to make miter cuts that are smooth and more precise. In fact, you would also be able to guarantee accuracy when it comes to making cross cuts as well.
Whatever project or work piece you may have, this miter saw is known also for its versatility as it can do well on almost all platforms including softwood, hardwood, aluminum fiberboards, plywood, plain wood and even more! You would definitely not have trouble at all if you worry as to the type of platform that it would be able to work on. This miter saw does everything that you can imagine!
It has a special miter that can be highly flexible so as it would be able to readily adjust to any angles or cuts that it will be making. It can even make a more intricate cut that is highly applicable for wood workers. In addition, its bevel angle has been highly appreciated as to its features as it is very easy to use. Indeed, when it comes to making perfect cuts on a more consistent basis, this product should be the right miter saw choice for you.

Advantage of Using This Product

When it comes to finding the many benefits and advantages to be derived from availing the HITACHI C10FCE2 10-inch compound miter saw, you would be rest assured that the advantages to be acquired here would greatly exceed its cost. The following are the advantages for this product:

  • It is easy to use
  • You don’t have to be a rigger to figure out how this is being done. It has the most user friendly features that you would be rest assured of the fact that you would right away be able to understand as to how it is being used.

  • It is handy
  • As compared to other miter saws, this product is particularly handy and that it is surprisingly lightweight. This gives more edge given the fact that it can be carried and brought around everywhere you go.

  • It is not loud
  • If you plan on making a DIY job, you will surely wake up the neighbors if you will be using a very loud miter saw. Not this one, though. This product is guaranteed to work with the best performance with the most minimal vibrations.

  • It has measurement indicators
  • You don’t have to worry about not being able to guarantee accuracy in terms of its measurement as this product comes with free measurement indicators that would help you make accurate cuts.

  • It is very durable
  • Even if this item will be used for years, one would be very well assured of its durability. It is quite unfortunate to note that most miter saw may fail in this area because they would not be able to guarantee that such miter saw will be in its top condition for years of continued use.

  • It has a purchase guarantee
HITACHIC C10FCE2 10-inch compound miter saw warranty

Covered by Hitachi’s 5-year warranty

The best thing about this product is that once you purchase it, you would be having a 5 year limited warranty. This means that should there be any unexpected damages, rest assured that your manufacturer would be able to guarantee of its great and quality condition.

These are the advantages that you would be able to have from HITACHIC C10FCE2 10-inch compound miter saw that every user would find it to be highly of crucial benefit.

Its Features

The great thing about this miter saw is that it has a great maneuverability. This means that with the key and vital features that are being listed for this product, such item may then be considered as one of the most popular miter saw ever introduced in the market.

  • Speed of motor
  • This is why this miter saw is highly being preferred. Its motor has a 1 amp power and at the same time, it is able to accommodate a no load speed for more or less 5,000 RPM.

  • It has a miter stop
  • This is the most convenient type of miter stop because it is thumb activated.

  • It has a great bevel range
  • HITACHIC C10FCE2 bevel range

    45 Degree Bevel

    As compared to other types of bevel, it range would range for up to 45 degrees to the left.

  • It has a carbide tooth
  • In order to ensure better usability of the product, it also comes with a 10 inched carbide tooth made of tungsten.

  • It has an extended flip fence
  • This product comes with a big flip fence that can be extended for up to 4 inches.

  • It includes other accessories.

This item also comes with a horizontal angle that is designed for comfort. It also has a table and a clamping system that is built in the item.

When it comes to its blade and motor, the C10FCE2 includes a very impressive motor with 15 amp. This is way better as such a motor is normally common for a 12 inch miter saw only. But since this is a 10 inch saw, one would be truly impressed of this product. Thus, it is all that you need and more in a very handy miter saw. Indeed, there is much to applaud for this product.

Who Needs This Product

Whether you are a framer, a carpenter or a wood worker, this product should be very much recommended for those who want to have precision cuts on their boards and accuracy when it comes to its measurements.

Customer Reviews

There are nothing but praises noted for the reviews on the product. One should know that when it comes to its assembly, it is very much easy to put up. In fact, it will not take longer than 5 minutes until one would fully be able to finish the whole item.
If one would try to start spinning the blade, one should experience no trouble at all when it comes to its vibration as it is very much minimal. In fact, it runs so smoothly that it feels like cutting on butter given the best anti vibe handle that it also has.
If one would notice its indicator, one would be able to observe that it is very thin. This would allow for a more exact measurement which is one good quality that is quite impressive for this product.

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All in all, the HITACHI C10FCE2 10-inch compound miter saw is the best miter saw one would have. Given all the best features and the advantages that are provided for in this product, it is no wonder as to why a lot of craftsmen re very much keen on using this product.

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A Miter Saw Anatomy on Makita LS1040 10-inch Compound Miter Saw

A lot of people may be finding the best miter saw in the market. And unfortunately, the choices can be too overwhelming. Thankfully, the manufacturer Makita makes things easier for us. Makita considers itself to be one of the leading companies that specialize in providing the best power tools, miter saw to be more particular, and it has never failed its market ever since.
Now, this tool Makita LS1040 10-inch Compound Miter Saw is that one tool in which it can surely cut through any type of wood, no matter how strong or thick it would be. With regards to other materials, one would surely have no trouble at all when one would use this product. Surely, cutting would be very easy and it can cut with smooth precision.
Makita is keen enough in having the capacity to cut easily through both left and right directions. It is also powered with a motor feature of 15 amp. Furthermore, it is lightweight and as compared to other miter saws, this miter saw from Makita should be much lighter and more compact. With a weight that is only around 33 pounds, any cutter will find it so much easier to cut any woods even with repetitive successions.
It is quite unfortunate that most people would rather use the conventional saw every time that would be planning on making any form of carpentry works in their home. True, the conventional saw will be able to do the job but remember, one may be able to finish the job but then again the manner as to how it is being done may have been facilitated hastily and without the much accuracy and precision that it need.
Thus, this should be the best possible time in which one would be able to choose this miter saw from Makita which will definitely provide the solution to their problem. The Makita LS1040 10-inch Compound Miter saw has already been known to provide the smoothness of cuts which would be highly accurate and very much made to its perfect precision.

Advantage of Using This Product

While it may be true that the general features of a miter saw may be similarly same to all miter saws, one should consider that there is a better edge if one would rather choose this miter saw from Makita apart from all the rest.
The following have been considered to be the main advantages of this product. This makes this miter saw to be highly preferred and highly used by its market.

    • It has a high quality blade

One may be easily lead away to its very cheap price as compared to other miter saws and its lightweight design, but you can very much rely also on its blade of 10 inches that has the ability to make some great cuts which ensures precision and sharpness.
In fact, such blade of the Makita LS1040 10-inch Compound Miter Saw has the capacity to cut even on the largest kinds of wood. In addition to this, you can even do some great miter cuts and bevel cuts which this kind of saw. Knowing further that this is a compound saw, you would also be able to use this as your primary saw.

    • It is very light
When it comes to the safety features of the miter saw from Makita, you would be able to find out that the weight alone of this saw is very portable as it is only 27.3 pounds. Thus, this allows easy carrying and does not pose risk every time this will be carried by the users of the product.

    • This is great for contractors in a large scale project

You can very much rely on this product. It may be very light and it may be very portable but the thing about this miter saw is that it can be carried by contractors from one site to the other given that such large scale project is being done on a day to day basis. And given the fact that it is done daily, it would give them the much needed convenience on the fact that they don’t have to struggle with its weight every time they carry it wherever it is being needed.

    • It can make cuts in a much repetitive and powerful accuracy.

For this miter saw to be able to function as it should, one would be able to lock the said handle in a much lower position. Once you are able to release the stopper pin and after which you are able to connect the said machine to any power source, one would be amazed as to its ability to cut non stop with precision even on the hardest kinds of wood.

    • It has an impressive motor
The motor of this miter saw is powered with 15 amps. Moreover, it enables to make the ultimate performance for a no load routine at 4600 RPM. It has a unique DD motor system or a direct drive motor system that runs very quietly and smoothly every time it starts to function.

  • It can cut angles with versatility

This is the very reason why a compound miter saw is highly appreciated as compared to a single miter saw. With the use of the Makita LS1040 10-inch Compound Miter Saw, one would be able to cut through its blade at a particular angle which can either be geared to the left or right. This is meant for those bevel cuts.

Its Features

The following are known to be considered as the main features of the saw, they have been known to make this miter saw the most highly sought after miter saw among construction workers, wood workers and the like. Surely, its features are being especially built in order to make sure that such miter saw will only provide nothing more but the best convenience and the highest function ever.

    • Support and the material clamp

One of the best features that consider a miter saw to be of highest quality is that it should be able to make accurate cuts with such smooth precision. And while it is being cut, the said saw should not move. It is because should there be even just the slightest movement; one would not be able to achieve its desired quality. The material clamp and the support of this bevel saw ensures that there will be no hassles that may happen during the duration of the use of the miter saw.

    • It has a pivoting arm

One should know that the entire length of the saw has a very durable support through its two posts. These posts guarantee its utmost durability and at the same time it also offers firmness. It also has a pivoting neck in which one would be able to make the blades of the miter saw move about into various angles. Such will also allow easier cutting of bevels.

    • It has a reliable dust collection system

The best thing about the dust collection feature of this product is that it is able to capture a total of 75% of the total dust that is generated during cutting.

    • It has a powerful motor

In order to really be able to perform what it should suppose to do, this product is equipped with a 15 amp and that because of the quality of its amp, one would surely not have trouble as to how this will run smoothly on wood platforms.

    • It has a reliable miter stop

It is of this reason why safety is one of the main features of this miter saw. One should know that it is only unique to this type of miter that it is able to maintain a 9 positive miter stop. It particularly has a stop feature on degrees 15, 30, 22.5, and 45 both on left and right angles.

    • It is meant for all different kind of cuts

Since this is a compound miter saw, one should know that this item is meant for various different cuts. Whether you are into compound cutting, or cove moldings and even cutting crown, one would surely be able to achieve those cuts with this handy tool

Who Needs This Product

The Makita LS1040 10-inch Compound Miter Saw is great for different kinds of workers and craftsmen who are keen on making projects, DIY jobs, or even artwork from all things made of wood or any related material thereof.
If you can see that there are a lot of products that are made of wood which are being created with much precision in terms of its measurement, rest assured that it is the work of a good and effective miter saw such as this one from Makita.
Also, if you are currently having a project, whether it is DIY or any construction related project, any contractor or worker would be able to find this tool to be highly helpful and might as well make your work much easier.

Customer Reviews

While a lot of people might not so much really rely on this manufacturer as there could be a lot better supplier of miter saw than this one, one should not take this utterly for granted. It is to be noted that there has been a lot of users who have already testified as to how effective and powerful this miter saw is.
In fact, most users have been noted to be so happy and satisfied with this product that they are even surprised as to how great such miter saw has been doing so far. Indeed, Makita should never be belittled as it has a strong set of powerful and reliable miter saws to choose from.
However, the only thing that some users have observed in this tool is that it lacks more additional features as compared to other high quality miter saws. But then, that doesn’t mean that it would not be able to really do its function as it should. Still, its performance is above par.

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The Makita LS1040 10-inch Compound Miter Saw has done a great job in providing its users and customers the best product that they can ever expect of a miter saw. It is even quite surprising that its features may be well regarded as that of the top market leaders in manufacturing miter saws.
All in all, this product is highly recommended for all your contractor needs. Whether it is a home improvement or any other related products, one should surely take a chance on this impressive miter saw.

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