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Know Your Miter Saw: Introducing DEWALT DWS780 12-inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

When it comes to cutting perfect angles from any platform especially on wood, nothing should beat the precision and accuracy that is unique only to DEWALT DWS780 12-inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw. It has been considered to be the most perfect miter saw should you are looking for accuracy and precision in all types of products that are especially made of wood. This would include molding, trim, baseboard, crown, and even wainscoting.
It has the best features such as the XPS alignment system which is basically the reason why this miter saw boasts nothing more but accuracy in even making angled cuts. If you are also trying to make the perfect beveled cuts, you would be able to know that this miter saw from DEWALT is very much confident in claiming that it can make the highest quality of beveled cuts among any wood products.

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Since this is a compound miter saw, there are a lot of people who are experienced in this field that will doubt the function of this kind of saw. See, most compound miter saws do have trouble when it comes to making beveled cuts. But since this miter saw challenges that notion and can even claim that it can be perfect beveled cuts, one should greatly be impressed of the ultimate quality and function of this compound miter saw.
Indeed, this miter saw has been considered to be the most effective compound miter saw ever introduced in the market today. And there are a lot of reasons as to why this is so. Its main function has been as impressive as it was able to successfully make the best cuts and make cutting to be more efficient as compared to other miter saws.
In addition, this tool has been keen on making quick cuts that are also accurate even though they can be cross cuts made out of wood. Given the right kind of blade to be used, it even has the capacity to even cut through other platforms aside from wood. In fact, it can even cut through plastics and in other types of materials that are made of aluminum.

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There are a lot of features and qualities that you would be able to have from the DEWALT DWS780 12-inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw. The following would provide you a gist as to the major breakdown of the benefits and even the drawbacks that you would be able to have from this miter saw.

Advantage of Using This Product

For those who are wondering what makes this miter saw to gain better edge as compared to other mediocre miter saws, then it is about time that you need to know the following advantages that you would be able to achieve when it comes to availing of this great miter saw, the DEWALT DWS780 12-inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw:

  • It guarantees accurate alignments
  • All thanks to the feature of its special feature know as the XPS cross cut alignment function, there is no more worry for you to do all the hassle of making tedious realignments using a laser each time you will be changing the blade.
    There is a LED light located just behind the blade so it will be able to cast that perfect shadow which will make possible the making of perfect cuts in its most precise manner every time.

  • It has the most durable feature when it comes to design
  • We can’t help the fact that there are other users who would like to really make the most out of using their miter saws. To this extent, one would unfortunately affect the features and the function of such miter saw due to its intense wear and tear.

    The best thing about this miter saw is that it can very much handle such a challenge. From the looks of it alone, you can right away tell that the features and the design on this miter saw are guaranteed to really last. You can even check its stainless steel meter which is very much durable, its machine castings, and even its bevel system. You would be able to see that it has the best features that are surely meant to last.
    Use it and abuse it however you like, you would be amazed as to how tough this miter saw can be for you.

  • Its cutting surface is very much visible
  • This main feature guarantees the fact that your cuts using this miter saw will be well executed. Given the blade and the quality of its safety features, you would rest be assured that the cuts that you will be making in this saw will always be of flawless quality without even compromising the safety standards that it promises to its users.

  • It has numerous positive stop feature
  • Especially if you are about to dial in those most common angles such as the 45’s or the 22 and ½’s, it would greatly help if such miter saw would have a saw stop. This miter saw does all that and more as it has a multiple saw stop feature so that it would be able to make the most accurate cut in its fastest precision.

  • Combines best feature of cut and capability
  • You would also be amazed as to the fact that this item offers the most powerful and highly reliable 15 amp motor. Such motor is able to deliver high quality and accurate cuts which utilizes 3,800 RPM. This allows any user to cut any material with ease and precision.

  • It has an impressive warranty
  • This great power tool does not neglect the fact that it also requires a great warranty especially upon purchase. The DEWLAT DWS780 12-inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw is guaranteed by a 3 year period of warranty with a one year period of free service and maintenance. Moreover, it also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Its Features

The reason why this product is highly recommended is basically because of the features that belong to this miter saw. You would be able to know that you have chosen the best given the list of features that come with this product:

  • Accurate Cut System
  • Its unique integrated feature of XPS cross cut positioning system allows user to not stress on making adjustments in the cut line for better ease and accuracy.

  • It has top power
  • With its 15 amp at 3,800 RPM from its motor feature, it is able to deliver utmost accuracy and power as well.

  • It has a reliable dust collection system
  • The best thing about the dust collection feature of this product is that it is able to capture a total of 75% of the total dust that is generated during cutting.

  • It has a carbide tooth
  • In order to ensure better usability of the product, it also comes with a 10 inched carbide tooth made of tungsten.

  • It has reliable support
  • This product is being supported with sliding fences that are tall which would help in providing better foundation during crown molding for up to 7 ½ inches. It also includes support for base molding for up to 6 ¾ inches which is being built against the sliding fence in order to make perfect bevel cuts.

  • It makes perfect cut templates
  • With the exclusive design of its back fence, it is capable of making perfect cuts at 2×16 dimension on a 90 degree and 2×12 dimension on a 45 degree.

In addition, the bevel scale of this miter saw allows better bevel angels which also ensures nothing but easiness and accuracy.

Who Needs This Product

This helpful tool is best when making DIY jobs at home. If you love to decorate your home with the best wood furnishings, this should be your perfect companion. Also, this is highly vital for men at work especially those who are carpenters, wood workers, and even carvers or artists.

Customer Reviews

For a compound miter saw, DEWALT has done it again as it ensures the best cuts with the best precision. It allows you repetitive cuts which you would surely need if you are into constructions. You can also rely on the power of its motor but you don’t have to worry about its durability and quality.
More and more customers find this product highly function and ever dependable. The only drawback that they have for this product is that it can be quite costly. But for a top performance such as this, it is definitely worth it.

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With the help of the DEWALT DWS780 12-inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw, you will be able to realize that making perfect and angled cuts from woods even at a repetitive manner will never be as easy as utilizing this handy power tool.

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The Perks of Having a DEWALT DWS782 12-inch Slide Compound Miter Saw

It is true that having your very own miter saw could be a very worthwhile investment. In fact, once you get to have your own miter saw allows you to be able to perform various jobs and activities that you would normally think only the experienced and the professionals are able to do.
Whether you are into woodworking or just love to make a hobby out of it, it would be very much fitting and proper that one would be able to find a high quality miter saw that would be able to do such functions. And for those who are wondering how a DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw would fare, it would be best that one has to read its review here in order to know a full and detailed understanding as to its features, pros and cons.
What you need to know about this miter saw, you will be able to know here. And once you have done so, you would be able to shop for this product with the much needed confidence as you would know that this is definitely the right one for you.
If you are wondering whether this miter saw would live up to your expectation, then you have to know everything about this product before you have to make a buying decision. This in-depth review will allow you to give the complete factors for you to be well equipped of this product.
It is very much true that miter saws are the fundamental tool for every wood worker. Without it, one would not be able to finally to the job required. To have an impressive miter saw should be the solution for this problem.

Advantage of Using This Product

It is every wood worker’s necessity to have a miter saw. This having said, what is only a few hundred bucks as compared to experiencing the best miter saw that would allow you to make perfect cuts with much precision and repetitive accuracy?
Indeed, DEWALT was able to make a very impressive miter saw product out of DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw. While it is true that DEWALT has a lot of miter saws manufactured, this DWS782 has its unique advantages to wit.

  • Motor
    This miter saw comes with a very potent 15 amp motor power that would allow to make its blade spin for up to 3800 RPM or revolutions per minute. Thus, this only means that you would be able to cut through all different kinds of wood as if you are using a very hot knife on a smooth butter.
    Aside from that, you would also be able to have the much needed convenience to be able to make the power cord of the motor being routed the rail back of the machine. In this way, it does not have to interfere while the miter saw does its job.

  • Impressive Dust Collection System
    A lot of users of miter saws have been complaining about the fact that its dust collection is not impressive or does not hold enough for their miter saw. In fact, it is also a common problem that there is a conflict as to how much dust a certain miter saw is capable of gathering.
    The DW782 has one of the best and the most efficient dust collection system as it reduces the total amount of dust that is being generated for up to 75%. This would make an easier way to work with this kind of miter saw.

  • Best cutting capacity
    You would be able to know that a certain miter saw has a quality function primarily based on its cutting capacity. In this case, the DWS782 makes the best cutting capacity ever as it has the power to cut on different sizes and types of wood.
    Having noted this, the following are its high performance capacities:

    • It makes 6 ¾ vertical capacity
    • It makes 7 ½ nested crown
    • It makes 13 7/8 capacity for inch horizontal
    • It can cut to 2 x 12 at 45 degrees
    • It can cut 2x 16 at 90 degrees for back fence design
    • It has a dual bevel

    Its system is equipped with a dual bevel that makes easy angle adjustments and allows one to go from 0 degrees to 49 degrees. It even has positive stops at 49 degrees, 45 degrees, 33.9 degrees and 22.5 degrees in both directions.

  • It has miter detent plate
  • The blade is only one of the factors that would allow one to buy a good miter saw. In this case, this miter saw can make miters for up to 50 degrees to the left and also 60 degrees to the right.

  • It is compact
  • As compared to other saws, this miter saw has a compact dimension at 33 x 23.7 x 18.8 inches. This should snugly fit in any trailer or at the back of your truck.

DEWALT DWS782’s Features

The following are known to be considered as the main features of this miter saw. Know that without them, one would not be able to successfully realize the following advantages mentioned without these best features that are known to have in this great miter saw. The best thing about DEWALT is that it was able to successfully make possible the creation of a revolutionary way of cutting woods and other boards with much accuracy and the best precision ever.
As you go on further, you would find that Bosch is keen on patenting the best feature of this miter saw which makes this product to be highly recommended and worth buying as compared to other miter saws.

  • Powerful Motor
    The DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw has a very durable motor at 15 amps which has more than enough power to make years and years of cutting.
  • It has best cutting capacity
  • As mentioned, it can cut through all types of wood with the best accuracy and quality.

  • It has a very lightweight frame.
  • There is much portability that one would be able to enjoy in this miter saw due to its compact design and feature.

  • It comes with a good warranty
  • Not all miter saws are able to provide a great 3 years warranty which makes this miter saw a very wise buying decision.

You would be more than satisfied with this product as not only are you given the opportunity to enjoy the best miter saw available, you are still able to enjoy the functions of this product without ever having to sacrifice quality and price.

Who Needs This Product

The DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw been already of great and useful help to construction workers, wood designers, wood crafters, craftsmen and the like. In fact, even the typical homeowner would find this product to be useful too. Given the features and the designs of this product, you are sure to make the conclusion that this is a highly versatile miter saw with top notch quality features.

Customer Reviews

A lot of users find this product to be very useful indeed. The DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw would definitely be the best solution for every woodworker whether he does it for a living or for just a hubby.
Any contractor would find this product to be highly functional and in fact, one would not be able to make the desired quality wood working job that one makes without a good miter saw. It is also great for contractors, cabinet makers, framers, installers and also trim carpenters.
All of them would definitely realize the best quality of this miter saw and there is no denying that one would indeed make the best quality cuts ever.

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The DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw has really made it again as we all know that DEWALT is the bastion for power tools industry. One has been very much effective in choosing this miter saw as it would be able to make perfect cuts with the best precision quality ever. It is even reasonably priced which makes this kind of miter saw to be the most preferred miter saw ever.
You surely don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your work for a meager miter saw made from other manufacturers.

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A Miter Saw Review on DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-Inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw

The manufacturer DEWALT has been savvy enough keeping in mind that the end goal why they intend to make this incredible power device, the DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw. One ought to realize that the company does not make low quality miter saws with fair or low performance in terms of their tools. In this way, this ought to without a doubt be of the best quality.
DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-Inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw
With regards to its features, one ought to likewise be rest guaranteed that this item has only the best qualities and perks. At the same time, one should also be well aware of the fact that DEWALT is broadly known for providing only the best miter saws and that its quality on such items has never been compromised ever since. This would only make this product a very reliable product that would speak and boast nothing but quality, safety and security – as such are the main features of this miter saw from the great Dewalt.
It is truly noteworthy that the company is still ready to maintain its notoriety by keeping in mind that the best miter saws are only made available and realized with the features of this miter saw. To be sure, it has proceeded with its age old tradition of maintaining top design and advancement on the most noteworthy and the most marvelous power saw devices that have been deliberately intended to ensure precision, exactness, and quality cuts.

In its yet most moderate endeavors to stay aware of the reputation that is highly regarded of them, DEWALT has provided the best power miter saw ever. This miter saw has been intended to give the much needed accuracy and precision given the topnotch qualities and features that are found in this saw.

Taking into consideration that it has the best features, one would be rest guaranteed of how this miter saw functions as it has the right capacity to make miter cuts that are smooth and more exact. Actually, one would also be able to enjoy cut power and capacity that promises precision especially when it comes to making miter cuts of best quality.
Whatever task or work you may have, this miter saw is referred to and being commonly used as it can do well on just about all wood types including softwood, hardwood, aluminum fiberboards, plywood, plain wood and considerably more! You would certainly not experience difficulty at all in cases in which you are about to make the best furniture made of wood. And with all the miter cuts and the bevel cuts that are required in such a wood furniture, surely anyone would find this product to be highly useful and very effective.
To introduce this saw, it has an exceptional miter that can be exceedingly adapt to whatever type of wood so as it would have the capacity to promptly cut to any edges or cuts that it will be making. It can even make a more complex cut that is profoundly important for carpenters. Likewise, its slant edge has been greatly acknowledged as one of the best features which makes this miter saw so easy to utilize. Undoubtedly, in terms of making flawless cuts on a more reliable premise, this item ought to be the privilege miter saw decision for you.

Advantage of Using This Product

The following are the great advantages of the DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-inch Double Bevel compound miter saw. Know that each of the advantages have been made possible because of the great features that are found only in this product.
DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw Feature
These advantages have been considered to make your work quite simpler and less complicated. Given these benefits, one would then be able to find how important it is to have this kind of miter saw.

  • Cutting edge stops
    Since you are dealing with cutting hard wood, the a good solid engine must be a main requirement to make great cutting capacity. It can be a problem if you prefer a low quality miter saw in which its sharpened steel would be having trouble to get into those precarious cuts.
    A little slight movement or oversight of the hand then one might be able to not achieve the right cut precision. Thus, this product has the right cutting edge stops in order to make possible in order for one to avoid undesirable movement or development that may cause injury on the part of the user. The saw basically has 11 stops for miter cutting and 7 diverse slope cuts.
  • Security
    Regardless of the fact that you’re an individual in the business for quite a while, mishaps are still unavoidable. Since you are managing overwhelming items and a sharp cutting sharpened steel turning at 3,600 rpm, security is a fundamental need for miter saws. You have a sharpened steel watch that is in sync with the arm of the saw. When you put the razor sharp edge down, it should still ensure that safety is guaranteed to the user.
  • 15-amp engine
    This saw packs a great deal of quality being fueled by a 15-amp engine. You can fundamentally slice through any kind of wood with exactness and smooth completions.
  • 12 inch edge
    One should always consider it a primary concern that the bigger the sharpened steel, the higher the cutting limit is. The 12 inch sharpened steel permits you to cut a most extreme stature of 6 and a half inch with a security wall of 5 and one-fourth inch in altitude.
  • Versatility
    It has razor sharp edges which has substantial metal segments and an engine are all confined on a miter saw such as this one – thus making it generally overwhelming. The DW716 is exceptionally composed as to amplify compactness with a normal weight of 49 pounds. It is not the lightest miter saw out there yet it is still under a sensible weight that would make possible the comfort of mobility.

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Its Features

You may be out for cutting various miters or crown forming; the DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw gives fast, precise slices to finish the occupation.
Because of its impressive 15 Amp engine, a simple miter handle with cam lock handle makes this item highly safe and has highly conformed to the quality of the miter cuts that it requires. Furthermore, with the helpful miter and incline stops and a tall wall for oversized ornamental moldings, this helpful miter saw tool is prepared for a scope of cross cutting featured cuts and cutting works for miters. Moreover, it accompanies a solid carbide sharpened steel, a razor sharp edge wrench, and the ever reliable dust pack.

  • Savvy, great Design for speedy, perfect Cuts
    The DEWALT twofold slope saw’s 12 inch length of sharpened steel is supported by an effective and tried and true 15 amp engine. Offering a very impressive rate of 3,600 revolutions per minute, it further makes snappy miter cuts which can be encircling or trim, and in addition other crosscutting jobs and miter cutting projects.
    This tough saw is intended to make exact cuts, considering the flexible setups needed for cutting wood applications. Its exact miter framework’s movable miter detent plat with a stainless feature offers positive stops totaling 11 for simple setup and enhanced proficiency.
  • A simple to-change miter handle with a cam lock feature
    This feature conveys speedy and precise miter points, and it also provides helpful features that would consider a detent override. This permits you to conform the usual setting of the miter without worrying about the saw sliding off into the detents. Furthermore the saw’s enormous miter capacity–0 to 50 degrees to the left and the right which adds great adaptability.
  • It has a sturdy and open fence
    This upholds 6 and 5/8 inches of crown trim settled vertically, and also 6 and ½ inch base that is set perpendicularly next to a fence. The wall slides off the beaten path. This makes possible high quality slant cuts with high precision.
    This miter saw has been additionally intended to convey fast, exact slant cuts. You may also without much of a stretch or hassle set up for incline cuts that measure somewhere around 0 to 48 scale of degrees to the left and also to the right portion. This helpful setup gives expanded ability to difficult tasks and permits you to turn over the said saw rather than the material itself. Additionally, with solidified steel angle stops at the following degrees: 0 degrees, 33.9 degrees, 45 degrees and 48 degrees on both sides, it makes discovering and the set up of the most widely recognized slant points a brisk, simple procedure.
  • It is highly versatile
    Perfect for a scope of uses, the saw has the ability to convey clean slopes of 45 degree slices through dimensional wood that measures up 2×8. Also at 90-degrees, it can also make cross cut for 2×10.
  • It is portable
    It is very much compact and compatible with its special feature laser or LED Framework. This handy miter saw weighs for only about 44 lbs. and provides an implicit handle. In this way, you would be able to move it around efficiently and be able to lift it should there be the need to keep it in stow away.
  • It has a warranty
    The 12 inch twofold slant compound type miter saw additionally accompanies a DEWALT guarantee bundle that incorporates a three year limited guarantee with a one year free administration contract. Finally, it includes a 90 day cash back certificate. What more could you ask for?!


Who Needs This Product

This accommodating device known as the DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw is best when making DIY home improvements at home. In the event that you love to adorn your home with the best wood furniture, this ought to be your ideal tool in such a project. Additionally, this is very essential for men at work particularly the individuals who are craftsmen, carpenters, and even carvers or wood specialists.

Customer Reviews

For a compound type of miter saw, DEWALT has done it again with the DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-inch Double bevel compound miter saw as it ensures the best cuts with the best precision. It allows you repetitive cuts which you would surely need if you are into constructions. You can also rely on the power of its motor but you don’t have to worry about its durability and quality.
More and more customers find this product highly function and ever dependable. The only drawback that they have for this product is that it can be quite costly. But for a top performance such as this, it is definitely worth it.

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Indeed, one would be rest assured of the product DEWALT DW716 15 amp 12-inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw that it ensures high quality cuts with top notch precision. Anyone would not regret buying this product given its impressive features and qualities.

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DEWALT DW715 15-amp 12-inch Compound Miter Saw: The Most Innovative Miter Saw

Any contractor would definitely agree that if they are after for the best power tool, the DEWALT DW715 15-amp 12-inch compound miter saw should be the best choice. When it comes to accuracy and precision, this product would definitely deliver.
If you are after for the perfect and angled cut, this compound miter saw would mercilessly do the job. And if you want to know more of this product, the following would give you a summary as to what you will be expecting from this fine power tool.

DEWALT DW715 Powerful Design for Quick

Cut lumber 2 to 8 inches at precise angles up to 45 degrees

You’d have to thank DEWALT since any worker or craftsman would relate on the fact that it can take pretty much a while before you would be able to install an interior trim or run the exterior cornice after you are done with framing.
Surely, the only way for this to be resolved during those times was that you have to tediously drag a radial arm saw (and it can be VERY heavy!) to that particular place where you will be working, and yes it is no fun at all while you heave a very heavy object.
You should be thanking your lucky stars because now, this compound miter saw is definitely here to the rescue. And you’d definitely learn more about it as you go on in this review.
This may be a compound miter saw but take note, you don’t have to be an expert to operate this seemingly complicated tool.
For starters, you can only expect that the DEWALT DW715 15-amp 12-inch compound miter saw will definitely live up to its name especially since this item is being manufactured from DEWALT. The whole package of this miter saw contains the following:

  • Dust bag
  • Carbide blade
  • Blade wrench

If you are wondering whether the laser system of the DW7187 miter saw and the LED cut line indicated of the Dewalt DWS7085 would be compatible to this product, it is highly compatible. However, the thing is that they are being sold separately.
It should be know that you would definitely be having your money’s worth the soonest that you are able to find out that the size of the blade, safety devices being observed in this item, the weight, and all other related factors that would affect your buying decision are indeed quite the best if you choose this product.
In fact, if you are typically buying a miter saw, you would have first checked the blade of the saw. This item has a 12 inch blade that can easily cut various moldings for up to 6 ½ inches. This would surely allow you to make better cuts with more precision, accuracy, and repetitive quality.

Advantage of Using This Product

Anyone who would be directly related to cutting boards and construction would find this product to be highly advantageous. This spares them time and effort which is basically the very reason why most people find it difficult to cut boards and make other DIY projects for home improvement.

DEWALT DW715 15-amp 12-inch compound miter saw reviews

Versatile 12-inch carbide blade makes precision cuts in a variety of materials.

Basically, if you want better precision and if you don’t want to take time doing the same accurate cuts, this should be the answer to your predicament.
For you to gain a more honest and authentic review of the DEWALT DW715 15-amp 12-inch compound miter saw, these advantages are provided for you so you’d know that this product is definitely worth your buy.

    1. It boasts accuracy

When it comes to making cuts, you would be guaranteed that this product would definitely provide you with the best precision and accuracy.

    1. It is easy to use
DEWALT DW715 Easy to use

Steel bevel stops are easy to find and set at common angles

      The soonest as you are able to set up the fence, there is no need for you to make all the necessary adjustments so that you will be able to make the same angled cut. That is the convenience that it promises.

    1. The blade is very effective

Its performance is definitely something that you can really depend on. The brake of the blade is quite impressive as the moment you stop sawing, its blade would also immediately stop spinning. Such is the safety that is being guaranteed as sometimes one of the reasons why accidents occur is that even though you stopped sawing already, the blade is still spinning and running.

    1. It is not noisy

For a power tool that ranges up to 4,000 RPM, it does not even make that annoying loud sound. This is quite impressive.

    1. It is handy

Its weight is only 40 pounds and that its dimension is only 27.5 x 18 x 20 inches. This allows it to be easily brought and carried everywhere you intend to go or work. The DEWALT DW715 15-amp 12-inch compound miter saw indeed has all the convenience of movability, mobility and accessibility.


Its features will be summarized into the following categories:

    1. How safe is it?

This is by far the safest DEWALT miter saw in such a way that enables the blade to be fully covered while at the same it, it avoids contact with the arm while it cuts materials. It even has an interlocking trigger feature to prevent the saw from starting up accidentally.

    1. The quality of the blade

It has the most powerful blade considering it has a12 inch blade which can easily cut the most difficult wood. In fact, when it comes to making frames, this saw will consider it make the job get done right away.

    1. Weight of the item

It only weights 42 pounds. Thus, it is more hander and easier to carry around.

    1. Bevel

It has a single bevel feature. This means that it can cut two different angles with just one swipe of the blade. This is definitely ideal for cutting window frames and door trims.

    1. Set up procedure

It doesn’t take an expert to make the entire set up process to be done right away. It has the easiest set up procedure that even a beginner would be able to understand as to how to put it all up.

    1. Versatility

This is not only used for trimming cuts with a particular angle, it is also used as a chop saw. It is because it has a 15 amp motor and an impressive blade that spins 4,000 RPM.

Who Need This Product

From construction workers, to craftsmen, to woodworkers and furniture makers, they would definitely find this product to be very useful for their work and field of expertise.

Customer Reviews

Most remodelers and woodworkers may have been pretty much skeptical as to how effective this product is. But given enough and ample time of using the product, one would be able to realize it quick and seemingly effortless to cut through boards. Accuracy is its forte as a lot of customers using this product are very much satisfied with its results.
When it comes to its saw, it also has the finest cut ever. It is great for construction workers as they will not have any trouble at all making accurate cuts. In fact, it is highly recommended by remodelers, construction workers and even DIY home makers.
Its power is amazing as that is what most users are astounded of. Despite how seemingly portable it would seem to be, it can cut through anything with great precision, accuracy, and with repetitive procedures.
The only thing that most users would complain of this is that it has no clamp. This may be quite a common thing that should be included in a typical miter saw. But unfortunately, it is not being included in this product. A clamp should have been included in a miter saw but this one does not have it.

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The DEWALT DW715 15-amp 12-inch compound miter saw is definitely one of the best and the most highly sought after miter saw in the industry. You can never go wrong in choosing this product as it has all the right features and advantageous necessary for its function.

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