What Is The Best Chainsaw Sharpener That You Could Use?

best chainsaw sharpener

Are you trying to find the best chainsaw sharpener that you should buy? Looking for one can be really tricky especially when you have no idea where to start. You don’t want to end up buying a product that does not meet your expectations or simply doesn’t work at all; you need a game plan.

​What advantages and disadvantages you can get from buying chainsaw sharpeners?

Depending on your need for the chainsaw sharpener, you need to look at how they can help you or not. Don’t just choose something out in random. When you have a chainsaw sharpener that works for you, you will never have problems with the performance of your chainsaw again. You also save money from buying other chainsaw sharpeners since your old one doesn’t work at its topmost.

Just what are the benefits you can reap when you use a chainsaw sharpener?

Saving the time that you have

Having convenience

You have more safety in cutting

You can also save money

How to effectively use a chainsaw sharpener

Make sure you are also using your chainsaw sharpener and focus on the parts where it needs to be sharpened or fixed so that you can get the most out of your chainsaw’s performance. File your chainsaw according to the following:

  • Top plate filing angle
  • Side plate cutting angle
  • File down angle
  • Depth gauge setting

You may notice that there are different angles because of the different types of chainsaw that you may have. The filing gauge can help you with restoring the cutter to its former glory. You don’t have to go through the trouble of looking at the different angles just to get a better result.

Your chainsaw’s sharpness can diminish over time. Whatever you do, even if you don’t cut into soil, rock and more, the chain will eventually become blunt.. it should be sharpened as soon as possible. When you use your chainsaw every time or every day for that matter, it would be wise to sharpen it every time that you refuel. You should sharpen it regularly and little by little to maintain the sharp edges rather than to wait for it to become dull and spend more than needed sharpening it when you’re in the middle of work.

When you’re filing the chainsaw make sure that you’re filing away little by little as much as possible. Find the shortest cutter and file all cutters to match the length of your shortest cutter. Make sure to place the filing gauge on the chain and that the arrows should be pointing towards the chain’s direction of rotation. The gauge should also be in contact with the chain when you are doing this.​

Take a look into 5 of the best chainsaw sharpener out in the market

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener with 13/64" Carbide Cutter

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener with 13/64" Carbide Cutter

Have more choices with this chainsaw cutter that promises a faster output and is able to get the job done with great results.

  • Is durable and is a high quality machined aluminum
  • Is very precise and sharpens every tooth to the same angle and length
  • Is portable and can be taken anywhere you need it
  • Is able to sharpen the tooth very quickly
  • Easy to use and can be operated by anyone
Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

This might just be the chainsaw sharpener that you need because of its ability to sharpen chains quickly and easily. It comes with a well mounted bench that easily adjusts with you when you use it. An easy product to use that doesn’t give you complicated instructions and quickly sharpens your chains.

  • Has a 4200 RPM grinding speed, 60 Hz, 85-watt and can plug into a standard 120-volt wall outlet
  • Is able to mount into a vise or bench wall for ease of access as well as stability
  • Makes use of a 4-1/4-Inch x 1/8-Inch grinding wheel with 7/8-Inch arbor
  • Is able to keep the chain in top condition and has great sharpening abilities
8 Piece Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit - Contains 5/32, 3/16, & 7/32 Inch Files, Wood Handle, Depth Gauge, Filing Guide, & Tool Pouch - For Sharpening & Filing Chainsaws & Other Blades - By Katzco

8 Piece Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit - Contains 5/32, 3/16, & 7/32 Inch Files, Wood Handle, Depth Gauge, Filing Guide, & Tool Pouch - For Sharpening & Filing Chainsaws & Other Blades - By Katzco

  • Offers a complete chainsaw kit that has all the tools that you need for your chainsaw to look like new again. You also get a roll tool pouch that is able to keep all tool and other things that you need in one place. You can bring it anywhere with you with no problem.
  • The tools that come with the kit have been designed to help you with your every need in sharpening the chainsaw. You have the fine-tooth flat as well as the round tiles that are made for fast filling as well as cutting.
  • The chainsaw files are finished with wood handles for more convenience and better grip especially when you use the chain faster. It also helps give you safety and security while sharpening the chains.
  • Not all chainsaw sharpeners offer kits with it, this is an all in one tool that offers you everything for the price of one. When you think that you need ll of the tools then this just might be what you need.
Timber Tuff CS-12V 12-Volt Portable Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpener

Timber Tuff CS-12V 12-Volt Portable Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpener

Look into more types of chainsaw sharpeners like this to widen the variety that you need. This might be the one that you’re looking for which can fit your budget and make a job well done.

  • Has a PC material cover that is anti-impact and anti-ageing
  • Is able to stay cool while in use
  • Has high efficiency point of 16000500r/min;P0,40W
  • Has a high speed motor and no-load speed: 12v/200001000r;P1,17W


Get the best results when you try out this chainsaw sharpener. There may be many out there but you can have your choices and opinions on which one will fit your budget the most and work best with your chainsaw.

  • Is very practical and can be used by anyone
  • Can be used to sharpen chain teeth as well as depth gauge in just one motion
  • Great for users who occasionally sharpen their chainsaws
  • Good for .325 chains

Editor Pick

All in all, the bets pick would be the Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener with 13/64" Carbide Cutter. Why is that? It is very easy to use, can be taken anywhere and sharpens every tooth of the chainsaw. It gives you less time to sharpen the chains thus giving you more free time to continue doing your work. You can also take it anywhere because of portability and will have no problems on where you can place it in your car or on a small table. Owing to the ease of use and sharpening ability you won’t have to look for another one or replacement and are able to save money.

By the end of the day, it will still be your decision on what type of chainsaw sharpener you will choose. Just bear in mind these tips so that you would not waste your time and money buying the wrong type of chainsaw sharpener.

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